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Meet Jennifer 


Jennifer grew up in Western New York and relocated to Huntersville, NC, in 2012. She taught English at Hopewell High School for four years and at Lake Norman Charter for six years. In 2022, she re-careered and is now a content writer for a forestry consulting firm in Charlotte. Jennifer volunteered with Angels and Sparrows as a Reading Buddy for the Read a Book, Earn a Book campaign (2022-2023 school year), and she currently volunteers for Mosaic Church in Charlotte. She enjoys working out at HFFA, hiking with her husband and dog, practicing Spanish, and reading. 

Jennifer was attracted to Huntersville because it reminded her of the suburb she lived in while in graduate school. It had the amenities of a city while maintaining a connection to nature through its preserved rural areas. Over the years, Huntersville has lost some of that bucolic character, and we continue to see suburban sprawl that outpaces the town's infrastructure. 

But there is still time to hold on to characteristics that we hold so dear. 

Jennifer is motivated by four key pillars: Environmental Stewardship, Managing Sustainable Growth, Creating a Huntersville for Everyone, and Community Education and Engagement. Why are these pillars important? 

Environmental Stewardship: Huntersville is our home, and we should take care of it. We should save heritage and mature trees whenever possible, plant native species, and increase pollinator habitats. Studies show that people who are more connected to nature lead happier lives. 

Managing Sustainable Growth: When our growth outpaces our infrastructure, it puts stress on everyone. We all want to see our town grow but in a responsible way. The 2040 Plan has community buy-in and engagement, and we need to follow it. 

Creating a Huntersville for Everyone: The town should reflect the citizens in it. We have dedicated service professionals who struggle with affordability in Huntersville. Veteran's Park has been a great addition to help host more cultural experiences in town, and we need to build on that. 

Community Education and Engagement: As a former educator, Jennifer enjoys helping others learn and understand new things, whether it's how local government functions or how to plant a butterfly habitat. An informed citizenry helps us feel connected to our town, and we can approach issues with camaraderie and cooperation. 

Check out the Issues page to learn more about specific solutions to the four pillars. 

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